Tyler Rouze

Data Engineering Consultant @ Analytics8 | Data Analytics | ISyE Grad

Book Notes

I consider myself a passionate, lifelong learner, and books are certainly a part of that identity. As part of this engagement, I'll take notes while reading to heighten retention. You'll notice that these notes aren't written in a very organized manner (a byproduct of writing in the margin of books). While I never planned to publicly post these, I realized that it's possible this will be of value to someone. Beats letting these notes collect dust! As a repayment, if you have any book recommendations that have been particularly impactful to you, I'd love to hear about it. Either reach out on [social media](https://tylerrouze.com/socials) or send me an email via [tyler @ this domain](mailto:tyler@tylerrouze.com).

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