Tyler Rouze

Analyst @ Kambr | UMN Engineer | Data Science.


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A little bit about me.

Motorhead, flying, golfing, baseball, hiking, skiing, bread making, guitar, you name it. My passions carry me in many different and odd directions, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Here’s some photos as to what I’ve been up to of late.


I currently live in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


I currently work for Kambr as an analyst. Kambr is an airline consultancy that also has a software solution for revenue management. We are remote by trade, but we have bases in Minneapolis and Amsterdam.

Our mission is to build software and processes that emphasize the human component of technology. We believe that building workflow in which humans and computers work together, as opposed to replacing human interaction altogether, leads to a surprising gain in productivity and effectuality, more so than a computer alone.

My job is to support commercial strategy and analyst workflow building. I also do some writing which profiles the commercial side of the aviation industry.


I have quite a passion for lifelong learning. So while much of education is in the past, I am definitely continuing to learn new topics right /now. It’s this passion that motivated me to learn web development by making this website on my own. More formally, I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering. If you don’t know what the IE curriculum entails, it is the science of Decision making, done so via:

  • Data
  • Statistics
  • Optimization
  • Simulation
  • Financial Modeling

Thanks to my time in college, I have strong passions for data-driven solutions and using technology to eliminate repetitive tasks and free up time for more creative tasks.

Current Interests

Some of my current interests are:

If you share some of the same interests, drop a line below!

How can I get in touch?

Send me an email to tyler @ this domain. If you simply want to keep up with what’s going on with me, you can subscribe to the mailing list for updates delivered straight to your inbox.

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