For the Love of Airports

I love airports.

Incidentally, I also have a passion for aviation.

These two items are related, however the excitement from being in a an airport isn’t solely focused on the fact that I am surrounded by some of the most fascinating machinery on Earth. It’s also not so much about the fact that I am about to go on another adventure either. While both of these are certainly contributors to my affection for these hubs, it’s something a little deeper that I believe truly explains this phenomenon.

For a place notorious for its long lines and herding cattle type analogies, the airport serves as a symbol of progress. The best word to describe what this progress looks/sounds/feels like is “buzz”. There’s simply a buzz in the place. Families are traveling on amazing vacations, military members are finally going home, and businesspeople are making last minute calls on their way to the gate. If there was ever a place to truly feel alive and a participant in the world, the airport would be it. It’s movement of people, goods, and knowledge. It’s the gateway to boundless possibilities, hope, and prosperity. It’s the product of a revolutionary science.

The next time you’re in the airport, take a moment to soak in the “buzz”. When you stop to tap in to each one of your senses and truly experience the feeling of human progress, you’ll know what I’m talking about.